The current home security cameras can work in full HD at most, but Google subsidiary Nest is now planning a 4K model. This is supposed to make detailed shots possible.

The new Nest surveillance camera has not yet been officially announced. According to a report by Android Police, the camera will film in 4K, but of course this resolution will not be transmitted to the user on the way. Rather, the user can zoom in on the 4K image and only sees 1080p. The camera software should automatically select the image area in which persons are located.

Alternatively, it should also be possible to display the entire field of view of the camera as a stream, but also only in 1080p format. Android Police founded the limitation with the fact that the camera can only be controlled via WLAN and that a 4K stream is therefore problematic in many environments.

In addition, Nest will integrate some functions of its cloud service Nest Aware into the new surveillance camera. Which functions would then be available to customers free of charge is not known, the report goes on to say. Possibly only the person recognition is affected.

However, the blog only has a few technical details about the new camera. It is supposed to have a USB Type C connection. In addition, an LED ring around the lens should signal the activity of the camera. The design is probably similar to that of the Nest Outdoor Cam, although the new camera is only suitable for use in rooms. It is also more expensive than the company's current models, which are available in Germany from around 200 euros.  

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LG: a 65-inch OLED TV screen


CES 2018 - LG unveils a 65-inch prototype display that folds and rolls up for storage in a cabinet. This surprising screen will be released in 2020.

A standard size screen that rolls up and folds into a drawer, you never thought of that, but LG did. This is the new gadget of the South Korean firm that has just been presented at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. A 65 inch OLED UHD TV that is so flexible that it can roll over itself to be carried everywhere with you. A curiosity that aroused the curiosity of all visitors to the show.

A demonstration of strength rather than a real need
Beyond the technical prowess, one can wonder about the real usefulness of such a product. Who is willing to pay for such a screen (the price of which is not yet known) just for this feature? Beyond its nomadic aspect, no one has ever felt the need to "tidy up" their television screen. Hanging on the wall or placing furniture, the television, especially connected, almost never leaves the user's intended location. Perhaps in the near future the company will have made us lie and will have succeeded in imposing its product as a "must-have" for all sales representatives. We can imagine that the direct seller of tomorrow will always have in his bag an LG screen that rolls and unfolds on itself to present a demonstration video in front of its future customers.

According to the company's announcement, the product will be on sale in two years, in 2020, all over the world.  

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